PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

GOP moderates wary of getting rid of the filibuster.

Eric Alterman discusses the growing pundit scandals.

Argument over the rights of the accused and the First Amendment.

The fear and excitement of war reporting.

Congrats Virginia! It's legal for single people to have sex now. So, get crackin'.

* Bioterrorism war game shows lack of readiness.
* Saboteurs have been able to keep Iraqi energy supplies crippled.
* China plans large expansion of nuclear power.
* Mexican soldiers take over prison.
* An informal survey of tsunami survivors shows the depths of suffering.
* Ridge still thinks the government should be able to use torture.
* Bush proposes boost to student grants. Let's hope he follows through.
* Inspector General rebukes FBI in whistleblower case.
* The fallout over the Armstrong/administration payoffs continues.
* Huh. Possible Leonardo da Vinci workshop discovered.
* New children's literature award named after Dr. Seuss.
* Andrew Cohen wraps up the Cobb County evolution sticker case.
* Welsh MP urges action on plan to combat asteroids.
* Shark attacks mysteriously on the rise in Brazil.
* The expanding urban underground environment is at risk of natural disasters.
* Ancient rock carvings to go online.
* Woman arrested for haunting a house in Austria.
* Hidden meanings and the unspoken bond of British crosswords.

The military didn't go ahead with its plan for the love bomb.

Iron Chef America has some big shoes to fill. (The new Chairman? Mani from Brotherhood of the Wolf.)

Darth Tater?

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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