PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Great read: David Von Drehle journeys deep into the heart of 'Red America' to profile average voters and find out why Bush won.

* Zounds! The UK has pledged to pay 10% of the developing world's foreign debt bill in an attempt to fight poverty. The US, on the other hand, lags in developmental aid internationally.
* Human Rights Watch upset about the world ignoring the Darfur tragedy.
* Oh, and Venezuela is deteriorating rapidly, but no one is saying anything about that either.
* Iranian Nobel peace laureate Ebadi said she won't obey a summons to the Revolutionary Court.
* Eleanor Holmes Norton has a behind-the-scenes opinion on the Gonzales/Guantanamo issue.
* I am ecstatic we are getting actual images from Titan. Flowing liquids! Weather! (Bonus BBC picture gallery.)

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