PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

#1 So, that CIA report which says Iraq is becoming a new breeding ground for terrorists? Turns out the whole report is online, and it's a treasure trove, people. Mr. Froomkin recommends the chapter "Pervasive Insecurity".

#2 Must read: the BBC answers questions on their series, which asked: is the al-Qaeda threat just a politically-driven fantasy?

#3 Attention Virginians: new community watchdog_va created for tracking the Virginia state legislature. Check it out.

#4 One of my always-read columns is Howard Kurtz. Today's piece is a good read. Talks about influence peddling and the inaugural... and the Washington Post. His media roundup also talks about the recent Bush interviews, and more. Check it out, you won't regret it.

#5 I also always try to check out Dan Froomkin. Today's piece covers some of the same interview ground as Mr. Kurtz, but from a slightly different angle. Well worth reading. Lots of insight into the White House.

"So what's the answer? What should a responsible press do when faced with a president who baldly lies over and over about stuff like this in a blatant attempt to scare the hell out of people? Somebody needs to figure it out, because people like George Bush have no incentive to stop lying if the press lets them get away with it."
-Kevin Drum

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