PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

My sleep schedule this week has been pretty close to terrible. I actually got a little loopy at work today, which was a pain because work was, well, a pain. The pills knock me out for too long, but I might resort to one over the weekend if things haven't improved, since at that point I might start hallucinating.

Busy, busy, busy. I should be getting dressed for karaoke as we speak (but *some* people decided to have a positively chatty afternoon on the interweb.) Behind on almost everything, up to and including missing a Quote-o-rama update so far this week. Murr.

Tuesday got a chance to hang out with the inimitable Velvet. s00shi and Nick Cave videoes were had, in addition to the more valuable conversations. Also, her and another have (more or less) convinced me it's finally time to get the tattoo.

And let me note, they still haven't decided the schedule nonsense at work.


Actual scene from work today.
[Boss comes back from Yet Another Meeting.]
Boss: How are things?
Me: We have some servers down.
Boss Which ones?
Me: All of them, I think.

The funny part was, it was more or less true. But not our fault.
Tags: 2005, quotes

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