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Violations of human rights by the US are undermining international law and eroding its role on the world stage.
Speaking of which, more sightings of the torture jet (courtesy Iceman.) And evidence shows the administration opposed restrictions on their use of torture.

Iran orders Nobel Peace prize laureate activist to Revolutionary Court.

* Bush's letter sent to foreign newspapers worldwide.
* Since the first edition went over so well, Bush outlines the expansion of No Child Left Behind.
* Lloyd Garver's open letter to Bush, asking for a more modest inaugural.
* Business as usual: Ridge's ties to lobbyist questioned.
* Islamic reaction to the tsunami relief shows their true colors.
* So. Is the sun dimming?

More on the HFS format switch, including how it wasn't entirely a surprise. "The station ranked 20th overall in the most recent Arbitron audience survey, and ninth among its key target audience -- listeners 18 to 34."

Whoo! Deep Impact probe launched and en route to comet-smashing glory.

Today's totally straightforward headline:
Australian MPs asked to boost dwindling sperm supplies

Happy 400th birthday to the novel Don Quixote.

Review of the new Lego Star Wars video game.

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