PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Lost...

Oh Hurley, you magnificent bastard.

* "We're going to want him on our side." Uh, Locke, I don't think anyone else is talking about 'sides' yet.
* Hey, people actually foraging. Exciting!
* Oh, and Sun's garden! She is the brains here.
* OK, the hatch. A bunker? A submarine?
* OMG THAT WAS SAWYER. Does Boone just not remember him?
* Hurley and Jin, my new favorite comedy duo. "PEE ON IT!"
* "I'm sneakier than I give myself credit for."
* Dude, when that tree got uprooted while they were talking, I totally jumped.
* OK, the brother-sister love scene, unexpected. No, really.
* Ah, so the Monster didn't eat her.
* Wait, hallucinogenic goo, shoulda guessed earlier. So no Monster Return yet.
* Wait, Locke was just making hallucinogenic goo?
* "Follow me." So Locke has Boone, Charlie, and is working on Walt.

And a super-special shout out to McShifty, who I called before the episode to tape it, just in case my cable went out again. And my cable went out again. So I ran to his place and borrowed the tape. Mag-ni-fi-cent.
Tags: tv
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