PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Ted Rall on the worst part of the government-sponsored torture: how there's no outrage over it.

The search for WMDs in Iraq ended last month. Wonder how that'll turn out. (Bonus: key points and a timeline.)

NYTimes editorial says it is time to face facts about the Iraqi election.

Is covering Iraq too risky for journalists?

* Extensive shutdowns planned for the inaugural on the 20th. (Bonus graphic of the street closings.)
* So. What will Cheney do with the second term?
* Ted Kennedy says Democrats can't just be GOP clones. And shouldn't be.
* Fighting the wrong battle over Rumsfeld.
* Anne Applebaum on the torture myth.
* One senator's crusade against science.
* Ehrlich's midterm report card isn't that rosy.
* The present pattern of galaxies has its origins in cosmic ripples from after the Big Bang.
* Remembering the other great relief effort: post-WW1 Europe.
* Baffled by an unsolved murder, police try a controversial 'DNA sweep.'
* Outside pressure convinces Mississippi libraries to lift the ban on Jon Stewart's book.
* The biggest divorce in Hollywood is Disney and the Weinsteins. (Bonus: where the name "Mirimax" comes from.)
* Mola Ram passed away.
* Tom Shales on Queer Eye for the Straight Girl.

Sayonara, WHFS. I won't miss you at all. (Except Zoltar.)

Cult TV like Lost & Carnivale: guessing games taunt TV show viewers.
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