PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Analysis of the CBS internal investigation, and it's aftermath. Plus, Howard Kurtz's Media Notes.

In Iraq, time is a weapon.

Remember Honduras and Iran? Those relief missions ended with the media attention.

Bah. Supreme Court won't hear law banning gay adoption in Florida.

Paul Krugman on the fake crisis over social security. "By the time privatization started to save money, if it ever did, the federal government would have run up around $15 trillion in extra debt."

* World Opinion Roundup: is the Arab world stingy?
* David Brooks says only Iraqis can save Iraq.
* Oh Dan Froomkin, how I missed you.
* Isaac Shapiro on Bush's deficit dance.
* "President Bush will try to impose firm, enforceable limits on the growth of federal benefit programs."
* GOP resistance to Bush's social security scheme mounts, and the implications if it succeeds.
* Administration tells DC to front the money for the inauguration. Jackasses. (Courtesy turbogrrl.)
* Now on sale: Biosphere 2.
* Reinventing life in the lab: synthetic biology (courtesy Agent Black.)
* Finding homes for the Saturn V rockets.

A different kind of liberal commentator takes to the airwaves.

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