PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So, Carnivale.

I know I'm coming in late into reviewing the new episode. Fermat put up some thoughts and tips from the web site that's pretty good (and friends-locked, as well.)

Like Lost, I am trying to avoid spoilers, but man, it's tempting.

So, not much to say other people haven't said. Management is clearly not telling everything here. I'm doubtful Management = the Russian, right off the bat. The dichotomy angle (light vs. dark) is there, yes, but things are too complex for that to be it.

Episode was decent, overall. Expanded the plotline, explained some things, made others only murkier. Tragically, Lodz remains deceased.

Why is Management wandering the country? Why the change of direction once they pick up Hawkins?
What's Iris's role in this?
What about Appolonia and Sophie?
Most importantly, who is Tree Guy? Representative of something trying to interfere with the natural order?
How is he related t the weird researcher who sends Justin after Scudder?
Do people in Justin's, uh, visions have to tell the truth? They seem to be a sort of revelation.
And does Management want to stop the bomb?

And I'm still not convinced Hawkins isn't the bad guy, and Justin isn't the good guy.

OK, enough rambling for now. Hooray for new season.

"People hold their prophets to high standards - even in California."
-Tommy Dolan
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