PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

More of the same: the administration says the 325 foreign fighters held in Iraq are not entitled to the protections of the Geneva Conventions.

Bush returns to old tricks, making up a 'crisis' when he needs one.

Unethical administration propaganda: administration was paying a conservative commentator to talk up the No Child Left Behind act. A Post editorial says there should be a Congressional investigation.

Meanwhile, Darfur gets worse.

Why has the Muslim world offered so little towards tsunami relief? National Review asks more of the same.

* Dick Meyer wonders why Gonzales would get even a single vote.
* Does the public have a right to know more about the health of the Supreme Court justices?
* Epilepsy gene identified in dogs (the pic of the dog wearing sunglasses is just a bonus.)
* Researchers believe they have found an alternative to hypodermic needles.
* Scientists investigate whether animals can detect disasters before we can.
* The Swift space telescope has caught its first gamma ray bursts.
* Insert joke here: "Most Powerful Eruption In The Universe Discovered" (Courtesy Magistrate.)
* "Here's a look at the little-understood process of choosing Oscar nominees, and a forecast of which contenders are most likely to benefit from the motion picture academy's system when the nominations are announced on Jan. 25."
* Weighing the pros and cons of celebrity charity.
* Some owners questioning the NFL business model.
* Oh lord. This season on The Surreal Life - Chyna. Also: can Flav and Nielsen survive? And for that matter, is it real?

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