PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Tonight, on Lost:

Passing notes during geometry class.

* Sawyer's swimming with jeans on? That can't be comfortable.
* RQ: 'I bet there's leeches in that lake.' Me: 'Or anacondas.'
* Man, he's got Hurley *and* Michael laughing at him. ZING.
* Hey, there's Rose. Nice to see you again!
* Oooh, Kate's an actual criminal, this definitely improves my opinion of her.
* Well sorta.
* "Charlie. Nobody blames you."
* Hooray for graverobbing!
* "So, why'd you bury the marshall separately?" "Oh, just in case of future plot devices."
* "...Mystery Frikkin' Island..."
* Dang, Shannon can sing. And in really good French, considering her previous protests. Seriously, I think she's just having performance anxiety. (And otherwise, she is kinda not helpful, unless they suddenly need someone with a really nice tan.)

Sawyer: Stalking you?! I was protecting you!
Kate: From what? Southern perverts?
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