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Gonzales spearheaded meetings discussing torture and detainees. (Bonus: guide to the torture memos.)
Robert Scheer makes a good case on why they should just drop Gonzales.

GOP sneaks in an ethics rules change that all but guarantees fewer investigations. (Bonus: graphic on ethics discipline.)

* "Aceh's highly influential Islamic clerics have explained the giant wave that devastated this overwhelmingly Muslim region as a warning to the faithful that they must more strictly observe their religion."
* Rehnquist makes some bold statements, but is anyone in Congress listening?
* So. Is America stingy when it comes to giving money?
* Afghanistan's hopes and prospects for the year ahead.
* Study concludes "...providing women with easy access to the emergency contraceptive Plan B did not lead them to engage in more risky sexual behavior."
* Stephen Notley's top ten movies of 2004. Plus, reviewers from the OnionAVClub present their top films of 2004.

Radio stations experiment with new formats to try and reinvent themselves.

Remembering Will Eisner (special to the Washington Post.)
Also, the OnionAVClub presents their 2000 interview with Eisner.

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