PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Must read: Richard Cohen on Gonzalez, torture, and Orwell.
And in case you didn't know, the military is not happy with the Gonzales nomination.

The year in the death penalty.

Whoops! House GOP decides against lowering ethical standards. Good call, guys.

Fascinating look at the 'dubious purge' of the CIA. Is it clandestine punishment for the CIA leaking secrets?

ZING. Paul Krugman explains why the social security issue is a fake crisis.

Scientists puzzled as research shows more adult women are foregoing birth control, leading to more accidental pregnancies.

* David Ignatius notes the tsunami recovery could really help our image abroad.
* Speaking of which: who's giving how much to tsunami aid, so far.
* "This is going to be very much like sticking your hand in a wasp nest": Bush's social security plan would cut promised benefits by nearly a third.
* Bush prepares to take the faith-based funding fight to the states.
* Inside the California porn industry's HIV scare.
* Past tsunamis provide clues to future ones.
* New Zealand was once dominated by giant eagles.
* THIS JUST IN: Scientists says commercial weight-loss programs don't work (plus bonus chart.)
* Scifi illustrator and Mad magazine artist Kelly Freas passed away.</a>

One year later, and the Martian rovers are still going strong. More on this later, because it rules.

Courtesy thewronghands: a visual representation of where your tax dollars go.

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