PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Tom Shales bids a not-so-fond farewell to 2004.
* NYTimes presents the best of culture for 2004, including the best movies and the best TV.
* Dick Meyer lists his books of the year.
* The Boston Herald picks the best and worst of comic books in 2004.
* CNN's top ten entertainment stories of 2004.
* Todd Leopold reviews the past year in entertainment.
* This year in the box office, movies grew bigger but audiences were smaller.
* CBS reviewers pick their best and worst of the box office.
* Anne Hornaday's and Stephen Hunter's movies of 2004.
* Tom Shales reviews the year in television. (Bonus: uses the phrase 'hunting for goblins.')
* Harris poll's top ten TV stars of the year.
* MSN gives its best and worst of TV in 2004, as does the Boston Herald.
* Zap2It's year in review.
* BBC showbiz review of 2004. (Bonus: the showbiz year in pictures.)
* BBC obituaries for entertainment figures who passed away this year.
* The OnionAVClub presents the year in swag.
* announces their top stars of the year.
*'s 2004 Galaxy of Fame.
Tags: 2004, movies, tv

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