PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"We hope Secretary of State Colin Powell was privately embarrassed when, two days into a catastrophic disaster that hit 12 of the world's poorer countries and will cost billions of dollars to meliorate, he held a press conference to say that America, the world's richest nation, would contribute $15 million. That's less than half of what Republicans plan to spend on the Bush inaugural festivities."
-damn good New York Times editorial

Must read by Frank Rich: "Washington's New Year war cry: party on!"

Read 2005's headlines today!

GOP works to make it harder to start ethics inquiries. Plus, more unethical shenanigans by DeLay.

Oooh, bad choice of days to hold the Iraqi elections.

* Analysis: diplomatic and image opportunities with foreign aid.
* Head of CIA analysis unit steps down.
* On the ground with the Navy SEALs, fighting hidden battles in Afghanistan.
* Robert Samuelson reports on the global implications of the next economy.
* Will the new year bring genuine hope for the Middle East?
* The GOP wants a re-vote in Washington state.
* Analysis: Republican party spent its money more efficiently during the election. And they even got... the Amish.
* Weekly Standard columnist thinks old media is on its last legs.
* Witnessing the death of the Democratic party - back in 1972.
* Good piece by George Will on things to keep in mind for welfare reform.
* Study finds internet use on the rise, while TV watching time is shrinking.
* Permafrost isn't as perma as it used to be (courtesy thewronghands.)
* Tom Shales remembers Jerry Orbach.

Thanks, science. Woman gives birth to her own grandchildren.

Did animals sense the tsunami coming before it hit?

An overdue revival for Salieri?

HE'S BACK: Ken Jennings returns to Jeopardy!

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