PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Day off from work today (comp day for Christmas.) We all headed down to the new National Museum of the Native American. Bebe was a bit of a handful, which got in the way since there was a lot of reading to do there. But overall, the museum felt very... small. There were two keen exhibits. The first was artwork by two different modern Native artists, working in different mediums. It was cool seeing them interspersed. The second was a large walk-through exhibit on the indigenous cosmologies of the various tribes. But that was, well, most of what there was to see. And it felt like there was a lot of white space in the halls and such. Maybe it was just me.

Comment of the day: while we were walking into a section titled "Our People," some old lady nearby said to her husband, "Oh, when they say 'Our People,' they mean 'Their People.'" adsflkjfdsa

Next, tasty dinner for RQ's birthday. Houseguests leave tomorrow morning, but then we're back on for weekend shenanigans. Busy like a bug, I say.

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