PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"All the sea was like a desert."

Thomas Friedman's news quiz: ten new stories from the past few weeks, and guess the common thread.

China faces an impressive legal struggle.

Don't know how I missed this before: Richard Cohen on the Presidential Medals of Failure.

* After Congress, rich prospects await former congressmen. And people don't like it.
* Figuring out what broke with airline travel this past weekend.
* Equality in action: girl gang violence on the rise in the area.
* Rumsfeld, are you trying to stay in the news?
* Ahahaha. Pharmaceutical companies issue warnings to be on the lookout for... Michael Moore.
* Will congressional bureaucracy cripple Homeland Security before it can fully stand?
* New tiny European car set to hit American shores.
* Brits hope to set land speed record with a sleek steam-powered car.
* Hello Kitty turns 30.

Science wonders: where did Icelanders come from?

Girl power fuels manga boom in the US.

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