PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK. Here's the deal. If we are going to be forced into an oppression of Christmas music on like every radio station once a year, I have a proposal. *Every* band that releases anything in a year, must also create one Christmas/holiday song. IN fact, bonus points for something other than Christmas. Let's get meta here. That way, when This Time of Year rolls around, we would have some frikkin' options to listen to. Feh.

(On the other hand, kudoes to 98 Rock who, on my drive home, took a break between Christmas songs to delve into some "Master of Puppets.")

Had much family over, RQ cooked for everyone, bebes weren't terrible to each other, my parents bought everyone too many gifts, everyone went home happy. Any holiday you can walk away from is a success. On a material note, I am delighted that my parents made good use of Amazon wish lists this year. Aw yeah. Now if only next year they would put one together for us to use.
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