PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Forgot music *again* today! Grrr. Place is too, too quiet without. Somehow, resisting the urge to just post to LiveJournal every half hour or so. I make no such promises for tomorrow, though, you not-working bastards.

Family coming over to our place for Christmas dinner tomorrow. There will be some mad cleaning tonight, oh yes. Not that I want it spotless or anything, but again, house is filthy.

Oh, and cleaning is good, since RQ's sister and brother-in-law are staying with us for a few days next week.

Was just informed via phone that the bebe gate is now nigh-useless, as bebe can climb over the couch with the greatest of ease. This is a pretty big development, as now, like a tiny Juggernaut*, she is unstoppable.

Not much else to report, guess I am pretty boring after all. Shopping more or les done. Wrapping not technically done.

Busy like a bug, I tell you. Ain't even got time for the eBay!

* - She hasn't found the Crystal of Cyttorak I have hidden in the basement. Yet.

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