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"Mr Bush faces fundamental questions about his strategy for bringing stability to Iraq. How can the United States - with the help of Iraqi security forces whose performance is uneven at best - assure the safety of Iraqis who go to the polls on 30 January when it cannot keep its own troops safe on their own base?"
-Richard W. Stevenson

The evidence of war crimes in Iraq is growing. Why isn't more being done about it?

Analysis: Mosul attack presents new worries to military planners.

Analysis: continuing violence in Iraq could derail Bush's plans for a domestic agenda.

New federal rules means college will cost more for students nationwide.

New challenge to California's marriage law by gay couple.

* Must read: Thomas Friedman on the face of evil in Iraq.
* Charles Wolfson discusses two realities in Iraq. Maureen Dowd wonders where the exit strategy is, and why our leaders won't level with us.
* NYTimes editorial notes that Bush needs to face tough truth about Iraq.
* Now contractors are pulling out of Iraq.
* Rumsfeld and the size of a modern military.
* Nicholas Kristof notes that sometimes, conservatives are right about issues.
* Battleground states prevent us from having a real, national election.
* Evidence points to recent volcanic activity on Mars.
* Technological advances in farming, including a robot tractor.
* The linguistics of "denglish."
* Squirrel love?
* Mexican city bans nudity... indoors.
* Martha Stewart calls for prison reform.
* New Harry Potter book already #1.

Tradition lost as Tibet modernizes.

FCC posts the complaints it received over the Olympic games.

LiveOnline chat transcript with Carolyn Hax.

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