PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Sunday, watched A Very Long Engagement. I'm still not entirely positive how I feel about the film. While I don't want to compare it to Amelie, I really can't help it, as it shares the same director, star, and some of the same storytelling aspects. However, it shares little to none of the same light-hearted tone, and sits as a very strange drama. Not a standard romance, like it's being advertised. Oh, and the war scenes were not only more plentiful than I expected, but much more graphic than I expected. So, yeah. Parts were very good, parts were actually funny, but as a whole, it feels very uneven.

I love the ending though. Even if my cohort didn't.

New trailers:
* Nobody Knows - Japanese movie, could be good, and the kids don't look annoying, so I'd give it a go.
* The Woodsman - Oooh. This looks good, but again, gonna take some energy to go see it, because it looks *grim.*

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