PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

etc., etc.

So, today was fire alarm test day at work. Meaning I got 25 minutes straight of the fire alarm sounding, flashing lights and all. Hello, headache. Oh, and once again, literally nothing happened at work today. As aforementioned, I forgot to bring in music, so today has been *dragging.*

Did give me the opportunity to finish up grant Morrison's run on New X-men though, and I have to say I am relatively pleased with it. Science-fictiony, yes, but it works out well overall.

Huh. Round trip bus ticket to NYC was all of $35. Cheaper than just what the gas alone would cost. A guy could get used to that.

Big holiday party tonight, then up early to bus up to NYC for the next couple days. Will have limited inter-web access, so if I don't reply to anything promptly, it's not because I hate you.


I'll post up some news to tide you over this evening. And since I won't be posting early Monday, allow me to present ahead of time:

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

Added bonus: ten things everyone should know about the UK. (I'll also as my UK correspondent to fill in anything they missed there.)

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