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Oh, lord, can't believe I forgot my CDs this morning

Ted Rall explains why eight million people you've never heard of hate us.

Nicholas Kristof on what we (from the man on the street to the President) should be doing about the worsening situation in Darfur.

Well, duh: National Guard reports a serious drop in enlistment.

David Ignatius explains how Iran is winning in Iraq.

Maureen Dowd on how Rumsfeld can afford more armor for the troops - corporate sponsorship.

Dick Meyer on the perfect storm scenario for Social Security reform.

Where the U.S. sees progress, residents of Baghdad's Sadr City see suffering.

* The CIA has a secret prison in Guantanamo.
* Brit court strikes down their anti-terror law.
* The rule of law vs. the rule of the gun in Somalia</a>.
* Bush looks to freeze domestic spending next year.
* Howard Kurtz sees an open season on Rumsfeld, plus further coverage of Kerik-gate, and much more.
* Tina Brown describes Kerik as "Giuliani's warped reflection,' and how the whole scandal should take Rudy down a couple pegs.
* Citing their changing culture, Japan considers allowing female monarchs.
* Prostitutes and sex workers get organized.
* New report shows charter schools not performing as well as public schools. The Post sees problems in comparing traditional public schools and charter schools.
* Freak storm in France kills six.
* Using a pacemaker to stop epilepsy deaths.
* Video game ratings system? Yeah, everyone ignores it.
* Disney launches TV channels in India.

Posted elsewhere, but an instant classic: "Canada goes to pot: Legal pot? Legal gay marriage? Universal health care? What's next, free porn and candy?"

get your war on has been updated (with a Christmas bonus.)

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