PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

New trailers seen recently:
* Are We There Yet? - This only looked terrible, until they got to the scene where Ice Cube gets in a fistfight with a deer.
* Batman Begins - New, longer more detailed trailer, and man, lookin' nice. Really.
* Be Cool - Looks entertaiing. And I never even saw Get Shorty. But I'm a sucker for Pulp Fiction references and OMG the Rock has an *afro*! WTF mate?
* Constantine - The trailer actually looked pretty good. I just wish it wasn't based on the comic book.
* Dark Water - Jennifer Connelly in another ghost horror movie based off a Japanese ghost horror movie. Etc., etc. But, surprising supporting cast.
* Elektra - Hmmm. Possibly. Really, can't be worse than Daredevil. (Or CAN it?)
* Hitch - Wild horses couldn't drag me there.
* Mr. and Mrs. Smith - Mmmaybe. I'd rather it was someone other than Brad Pitt.
* The New World - Uh, a costume drama with Colin Farrell as explorer John Smith. Interesting supporting cast, but, uh, yeah.
* The Wedding Crashers - Oh hells no. Even wih Owen Wilson, who deserves better.
* XXX: State of the Union - Ice Cube can only improve the franchise. And I do love Willem Dafoe. Still, crap.

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