PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

David Brooks talks truth about the White House economic summit. (Note: mentions flying underwear.)

Senate Democrats announced plans yesterday for wide-ranging hearings to examine Bush administration policies and conduct, saying the Republicans who control both houses of Congress have abdicated responsibility for oversight of the GOP administration.

Analysts say soldiers' trials raise important questions about battlefield leadership and rules of engagement.

A growing number of US parents are selecting the sex of their children.

The prospect of a Shiite leader with close ties to Iran coming to power raises the brooding issue of Iran's future influence in Iraq.

* Post Analysis: how did the White House screw up by picking Kerik? (The NYTimes also goes over the material, with some different insight.) (Actually, if you only read one, read the NYTimes one, it's better.)
* Cost of Iraq war now tops $100 billion, with no end in sight.
* Mahmoud Abbas calls for an end to armed resistance against Israel.
* UN forces invade Haitian slum.
* Nicholas Kristof speaks out against Putin's fascism.
* How did they lose votes in Ohio?
* NASA scientists have been giving details of a space mission to crash a projectile into a comet, peeling away its outer skin in order to look inside.
* Blockbuster to eliminate late fees - sorta.
* Bruce Stockler can't get an op/ed piece published by the Washington Post.

Fritz Hollings is on his way out of Congress, so he's not afraid to speak his mind.

Zell Miller makes his new home at Fox News. Big shock.
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