PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Hearts and minds: Pentagon weighs the use of deception and manipulating information to influence opinion abroad.

What happens when the US assigns a war to private contractors?

Despite restrictions, western culture is seeping into Iran.

GOP may target filibusters to push through more Bush judicial nominees. Because, you know, 96% is just unacceptable.

* More evidence that the rift between the US and its overseas allies is growing.
* "Human Rights Watch said today that new cases of deaths of men in United States custody in Afghanistan have come to light and accused the Defense Department of operating outside the law in the country and failing to investigate abuses, including murder."
* The administration was tapping calls from the head of the IAEA to Iran.
* Oooh, now it's Kerik-gate.

* Google to scan books from the world's libraries.
* "If terrorists hate freedom, what do censors hate?" (Link and quote courtesy sjo.)
* Online dating turns out to not be as good as it sounds.
* NYTimes review of the return of the Pixies.

* Spirit rover on Mars (yep, they're still running) finds compelling evidence of water on the red planet.
* Frozen frogs may hold cryogenic secrets.
* 'Hamel is one of four people whose techno-telepathic powers were highlighted last week in a scientific report that broke new ground in the rapidly advancing field of "brain-computer interfaces."' (Plus bonus graphic.)

What happened to the great public intellectuals?

Schools turn comic books into a curriculum.

Golden Globe nominations announced.

Non-BBC Headline of the day:
Swedes Do IT Best

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