PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Ocean's Twelve was decent, and a fun watch. And Soderburgh directed the heck out of it, it looked much more like his other arthouse movies than Eleven. And all the actors had fun with their parts, and were amusing to watch. However, part of the fun of a crime flick should be the audience figuring out the caper. And this plot was less realistic than, oh, say, Reign of Fire. Seriously, larp plots make more sense. So many deus ex machinae, so many "oh, here's an entire section of the film we didn't show you." Yeesh. And while the super-acrobatic thief dude was cool, the whole laser thing just went from movie realism to comic book realism. And I mean Marvel comics science here. Yes, the acrobatics were impressive. No, the scene itself didn't make any sense. Sigh. But yes, like I said, I enjoyed the movie, but I think chaining it down to be a bit more realistic would have done wonders for them. (As would giving more of the smaller roles a little more screen time.)

(Linus's mom was funny though.)

(And I'm always pro-Eddie Izzard.)

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