PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Thomas Friedman describes the supply chain of 'people of mass destruction.'

Dan Froomkin on what really happened with the Snow replacement that didn't happen. Plus, more.

You know, I don't care that the GI's questions to Rumsfeld were suggested by a reporter. The questions are valid, and on everyone's minds, and the press couldn't get answers from the administration through regular avenues.

* Gay activists resist call to moderate their fight for equal rights.
* Halliburton passes the $10 billion mark.
* Analysis: Bush's cabinet shuffle designed to give president more control over a more loyal team.
* Post editorial has a couple things to say about Rumsfeld's blame game.
* Officer alleges retaliation by the CIA when he refused to falsify reports on Iraqi arms.
* "Interesting" background on the new Homeland Security director.
* 'Environmentalists have attacked US claims that America is doing as much to curb global warming as any other nation that signed the Kyoto deal.'

Bill Moyers set to retire from TV journalism.

Good read, even for non-sports fans: why Dick Meyer doesn't care about steroids in sports.

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