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'Amnesty International reports that women and girls are being targeted in conflicts around the world while the authorities do little or nothing to prevent it.'

Howard Kurtz blasts Tommy Thompson for holding his tongue until he was out of office. Also included: Dr. Rice getting her proper credit, the war against 'anonymice,' and a hidden tidbit about... Rove's dating history.

What can you do about the administration making abortions harder and harder to get? How about starting an abortion fund locally?

* Few leads in the Charles county arson case.
* DIA chief's June memo details serious allegations of prisoner brutality. FBI agents allege prisoner mistreatment in Guantanamo.
* British request probe into civilian deaths in Iraq.
* Night raids by Marine Strike Force Two have proven effective, but brutal.
* Voting and civil rights advocates say the election did not go as smoothly as Americans might think.
* Bush replaces head of civil rights panel with someone who will be less critical.
* World Opinion Wrapup: winners and losers in Russia's Ukraine coverage.
* New Zealand debates gay marriage.
* Fred Barnes lists five reasons Bush isn't the president we expected.
* The Virginia wiretap case that brought down their GOP leaders.
* New NASA report finds changing your sleep schedule may be tougher and more harmful than we thought.
* ' U.K. Officials advise less use of antidepressants: British regulators urge most patients complaining of depression to try other options before drugs are prescribed.'
* 'Brainwave cap' moves one step forward to controlling computer devices through thought power.
* Hubble finds 'youngest galaxy.' (A mere 500 million years old!)
* NASA's longest-serving astronaut is set to retire.
* Linguist deciphers the word 'dude.'
* Bob Schieffer's memories of Tom Brokaw.
* New Natonal Archives exhibit shows presidents in unguarded moments.
* MTV article about trenchcoat-wearing superheroes.

Outrageous: 27 of the 56 schools with bowl-bound college football teams graduated less than half their players, a study released Tuesday shows.

"In Japan, the internet has been blamed for a spate of group suicides which appear to have been arranged in online chat rooms."

Heavy (and shady) loans by Warren Jeffs's Fundamentalist Mormon sect causes a bank to collapse.

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