PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

ACLU and a number of groups join forces to seek out FBI files on protest groups.

How a doctor invented a disease to save lives in WW2.

Both parties need to make plans for the next four years, and here's some good ideas.

The Supreme Court is losing patience with Texas's death-penalty-happy nature.

* Nicholas Kristof has a suggestion for what color tie Bush should wear.
* What illness is afflicting Yushchenko?
* Hunting 'Satan' in Fallujah.
* A guide to the falling dollar, and what it could mean to us and to the world.
* More on the Afghani opium riddle.
* Administration not so keen to promote democracy in the Arab work these days.
* New movement underway to repeal anachronistic blue laws from states.
* Bono pledges to spend the rest of his life fighting poverty.

More Gentiles are signing up on JDate.

Steve Martin on King Tut. No, really.

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