PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Book Club was hexcellente, with a good discussion despite the low numbers (the book was Che Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries.)

Sunday was also clothes shopping for Agent Black and Holly Hobby's wedding-thing this weekend. It's not really re-marrying, it's not really a reception. Anyways, I got a nice new green shirt, and some microfiber slacks, so I am pleased. Red Queen talked me out of just getting another black suit.

How could I forget to mention, we got a new fridge last Thursday? It's h00j. And much less leaky than the old one. And the luxury of being able to put things on the door! It's muy gigante.

* The U.S. government supplied bioterror stock to Iraq, records indicate.
* The lack of presidential leadership.
* On winning the war in Afghanistan.
* The power of words show in speech analysis: Osama who?
* Amnesty International weighs in on Israeli-Palestinian violence (verdict: everyone sucks.)
* Local affairs: questioning the legality of mass arrests
* The newfound importance of middle school.

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