PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Census figures show fewer people getting married, and those that do are doing it later in life.

Federally funded abstinence-only programs are misleading teens, according to congressional report.

Truth, consequences, and American hypocrisy in the Ukraine.

Tom Brokaw completes his final broadcast.
Tom Shales sees it as a turning point for network news.
Maureen Dowd isn't happy that network news is still for white males only.

Ted Rall wonders if our soldiers overseas are really 'fighting for our country.'

* CBS and NBC reject ad from pro-gay church.
* So. There's still no evidence of all the claims of voter fraud on either side of the fence.
* Frist's campaign fund lost big money in the stock market.
* While Bush's campaign ended up with money to spare.
* Key anti-gun program has its financing cut.
* Why is it so hard and expensive to get simple things fixed in DC schools?
* The sun may have made some trades with a rival star.
* Jerry Orbach diagnosed with prostate cancer.
* National Board of Review names Finding Neverland as its top film of 2004.

How do Icelanders fight off depression in their long winter?
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