PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Trailers before Alexander:
* The Phantom of the Opera - Yes, another new trailer, and yes, still looks sweet.
* Assault on Precnct 13 - First, I totally need to go back and rewatch the John Carpenter original. Because, second, this trailer was cool. Seriously, I'm excited, and that was even before I saw it had John Leguizamo in it.
* Coach Carter - Well, it's possibly just Lean on Me mixed in with some basketball, but Samuel L. Jackson makes everything better, so we'll see.
* The Interpreter - I'm not saying Sydney Pollack has lost whatever touch he had, but I am saying Scientologists, it's time to stop ruining Nicole Kidman's career. She's suffered enough.
* Ocean's Twelve - Finally, a trailer with actual movie clips. Not that they needed to show anything, ever. I still would have shown up.

Two things I forgot to mention about Alexander:
* Man, the movie might be doing better if it wan't over three hours long. Yeesh.
* I really with I had seen it with a less homophobic audience. Honestly.

Best overheard movie review, spelled phoenetically, while walking through the movieplex:
[Two guys walking out of Saw.]
First guy: Now dat - now dat - now dat was a masterpiece.
Second guy: Ev'rytime you tought you knew who the killer was - turns out it was someone else.

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