PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

So. Ended up at Alexander last night. (I dig the historical figure, y'see.) And while they hired an Alexandrian scholar to help out the movie, they should have hired better script writers. Ye-ah. Colin Farrell was OK, but we never really got a good sense of the character of Alexander, and that's kind of a lot of what the movie hinges on. I can say it wasn't the fault of the supporting cast. Val Kilmer is always fun to watch, Rosario Dawson is unrecognizable but pretty good as well. And Brian Blessed was really born for movies like this. The big surprise was Angelina Jolie, as this is the first movie where I liked her performance. Again, not a well-written part, but she did some work with it, so, more power to her. But, on the whole, skip it.

Did I mention music by Vangelis?

Later: trailers and a different sort of review.

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