PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Troia brings us some scary info from a Gallup poll, on creationists, and the theory of evolution.

Post analysis: in a cold-war-style rift, Putin and the West have diametrically opposed views on Ukraine's election.

BBC Q&A on the Ukrainian election crisis.

The British government announced plans to introduce national identity cards for the first time since the World War II era.

Is there a 'turf war' between the Pentagon and the White House over intelligence reform? [Note: scary picture of Rumsfeld.]

* Medics tell of the horrors seen in Fallujah. [Note: graphic.]
* Good read: Bush, taxes, philosophy, and the future.
* HIV infection is on the rise in women worldwide.
* Solving the water-walking mystery of the 'Jesus lizards.'
* Mimicking nature to revitalize the Grand Canyon's ecosystem.
* Who will replace Dan Rather at CBS?
* Thomas Boswell discusses regaining the balance in sportsmanship.
* Universal reshuffles its 2005 releases.

Continuing their scary march of science, the Japanese are working on 3-D holograms.

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