PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Ding dang. Dan Rather to step down in March.

Oooh. Congress eliminates funding for Bush's new nuclear weapons.

The NPR ombudsman isn't pulling any punches.

Great read: the antiwar movement, and the destruction of Fallujah. "Has there ever before been a war that so many people disapproved of but so few wanted to stop? Have the reasons for starting a war ever been so thoroughly discredited without turning into reasons for ending it?"

* Bush aims to defeat dissent and bureaucracy within the government as GOP governors have their own plans to shape the agenda.
* 'Twenty-three people filed a lawsuit Monday in federal court, saying New York city officials violated their constitutional rights by orchestrating massive arrests and detentions to sweep up political dissenters during the Republican National Convention in August.'
* Scientific American reports that current restrictions on marijuana research are absurd. (Courtesy castironskillet.)
* Inside the feudal world of video game development.
* Conservative Christians outline their plans to protest Kinsey.

In the past year, 13,000 new ocean species have been identified.

Oliver Stone hired a leading Alexandrian scholar to help out his film.

Fame Audit for Jared Leto.

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