PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Conservative GOP leadership blocks last-minute intelligence compromise, dealing a blow to the administration.

McCain releases documents showing the Boeing/Air Force scandal goes right to the top.

FCC says picking and choosing your cable channels would cost more. Whatever dudes. (Note: McCain shows up here also. Notice a pattern?)

* Report from embedded BBC reporter in Fallujah.
* In Fallujah, American Marines see the worst urban fighting since the Vietnam War.
* The truth about Bush's compassionate conservative world view.
* Domestic spending gets cut more and more.
* Is McCain angling for a 2008 run?
* Congress loses leaders and unifiers.
* Katha Pollitt on the Bush GOP 'handing out the moral plunder.'
* "In nominating Alberto Gonzales to be the next attorney general, President Bush has selected a man with a long record of giving him the kind of legal advice he wants. Unfortunately, that advice has not always been of the highest professional or ethical caliber."
* Looking back at the election, exit polls, online webloggers, and what we can learn from it all.
* The Democrats look to Colorado for examples of what works.
* The Democrats struggle: vision or guts?
* Iran debates democracy and "the great satan" America.'s winter movie guide.

New York TV station drops ads for Kinsey. Freedom is on the march!

Jim Carrey finds a new spiritualism.

Sometimes, it's just relaxing to smash stuff up.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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