PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Oh good lord

Picked up car once RQ was back from her craft show. Car's working fine! Until I, you know, drive it the five minutes home. By the end of that five minutes, the A/C is already pumping out hot air again (at least all the vents are working this time.) So, turn around, take it back, etc. Work's *not* gonna be happy that I have to leave early *again* on Monday, and that's presuming they're *done* on Monday. If they can't fix it again this time, I'm gonna ask them to just refund all my money except parts so I can take it some place that will fix it correctly, once and for all. It's out of hand.

Oh, and tze bebe's running a fever, in case things werent quite stressful enough. Yeesh.

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