PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Car: *Finally* got back my car today, and paying for it took, well, all my petty cash. As in, I have little to no money other than Metro/gas money until next paycheck (the 25th,) and that paycheck is pretty much already spoken for. I'm broke, but I'm not destitute. Rock on. Thusly, anyone interested in hanging out, I'm interested, but you get to buy me dinner or buy my movie ticket or whatever. :} Hey, I never claimed to be a cheap date.

Work: still goofy and computerless. Which is funny, considering how I am supposed to be learning all these computer things in the next week and a half. Today's good news: I will be on day shift come December, theoretically back to 7-3. Today's bad news: I get to work the day after Thanksgiving.

On the Metro: Read The Liberty Project. The art suffers tremendously from being done in the 80's, as does the fashion. However, Mr. Busiek crafted a mighty story, even back then. Don't rush out to buy it, but borrow it from me, it's a fun diversion, and makes you wish it was done today instead of back then.

Thrilling Two-Fisted Tales of Commuters Observed: I'll go with the older black guy, maybe late 40's, beat-up army jacket, mugger cap, and a weird long goatee dyed red.
Tags: comic books, two-fisted tales

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