PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

oh lordy

Good news:
* Metro ride is only 50 minutes. Which doesn't seem like good news, but it really is.
* As per the above, expect Thrilling Two-Fisted Tales of Commuters Observed. Today's observation: the blonde college girl using flashcards to teach herself... Korean? Also, the young mother quietly pointing out to her young son that my magazine had Spider-Man on the cover.
* In discussion with other new people today, I found good places to park down there on the days I drive.
* No motion sickness, which means plenty of reading time! Now, if only I could find my copy of Middlemarch for bookclub...
* The cafeteria in the basement of the building is *awesome* and *cheap.* (Subsidized, apparently.)
* Chatty officemate? Perfectly reasonable to deal with when it's not just the two of us stunk in a tiny office with not much to do all day.

Bad news:
* My freakin' car isn't freakin' fixed yet because the part was freakin' defective, which they didn't freakin' find out until they freakin' put it back together. Oh and the price for the whole thing went *up*. Gah. I've totally decided that once the money situation stabilizes (current projection: March...? *cry*,) I am totally getting a different car, because I sank too much cash into this one this year alone.
* So, we're taking over this NOC from the FDIC on the first day of December... and I might not have access to a computer at work until that point. And I'm working 8-5 until that point (after which my schedule changes... somehow.) So I'm already totally going through internet withdrawal. *cry* Gonna have a hard time keeping up with e-mail, much less LiveJournal.
* So much work to do in order for us to take over this NOC (which they're renaming as the IOC, apparently just to irritate me.) Oh, and they work on Windows, too, so even things I'm used to feel weird and new.
* Ride home? Standing room only, almost all the way. Which makes reading inefficient.

Observations of a new Metro commuter:
* OK, lighter coat. Leather is warm, but not efficient for subway. See also: comfy shoes, unlike my nice dress shoes, which look nice, but, yeah. Sigh. Money money money, everything is money.
* SmarTrip card? Fancy and speedy, but man, the cash just pours away like water.

* My one boss totally looks like Terry McAuliffe. My other boss looks like a cross between (I kid you not) Patrick Warburton and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. But in a good way. If that's possible.
* The new work is totally next door to the Virginia Square Metro station, and across the street from GMU. Fancy!
* I'm gonna have to start paying attention to the weather, though, as I now walk a total of 3-4 blocks outside.
* So, so tired.

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