PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Must read: what Republicans mean when talk about 'judicial activism.'

Another good read: a small Oklahoma town comes out to defend its openly-gay teen from a prominent anti-gay group.

Warner for president in '08?

The Pentagon is developing its own internet, a 'warnet' if you will (Plus bonus graphic.)

* Black, gay, and Muslim in England.
* Ground-level views of what needs fixing in the economy.
* Consumer culture targets children.
* Another step closer to effective male birth control.
* Smart 1 probe arrives at Moon's gateway.
* New detailed pictures of Mars's moon, Phobos.
* Kinsey film shows the controversy about him has never gone away.
* Russian miniseries revives the debate about the Stalinist years.
* OMG vaguely more realistically proportioned mannequins! Someone notify the Nobel Peace Prize committee!

Harry Lampert, artist and co-creator of "The Flash," passed away.

Oh, Tom Shales, you scamp. I don't care what you review, as long as you keep reviewing it. brings us Brad Dourif.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.
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