PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* The story of an Arab resistance fighter in Fallujah, how he got there and why he decided to go.
* The story of a Washington Post photographer and her tours in Iraq with our troops.
* BBC in pictures: the battle for Fallujah.
* BBC reporter Fadhil Badrani on the ground in Fallujah, now a ghost city.
* A reporter in Fallujah questions the excessive firepower.
* Marines describe the shock of war.
* Black flags a deadly form of communication for insurrectionists.
* Richard Cohen on the truth behind the silence of the father of a fallen soldier.

  • relevant to my interests

    "The Secret Douglas Adams RPG people have been playing for 15 years."

  • Courtesy my pal Maurice

    Turing, the Arab Spring, and "RATS": digging into the revived card game Netrunner and why it's important, right now.

  • like those ARGs

    "p.t. has finally let me experience what being a conspiracy theorist feels like" I would never, ever have the patience to do something like this,…

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