PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

the long and the short of it

Car: Dropped car off Friday, they were supposed to have it done today, but noooo, apparently they need more time to spend more of my money. Anyways, they said it won't be done until *Monday*, which is *funny*, because I need to drive to the *Metro* that morning for my first day on the new *contract.* I'm putting off thinking about this one, because it's suckful and makes me sad.

Heroclix: In better news, thanks to a couple things falling into place, I got to hit the Heroclix Massive Sixty-Six (!) Person Tournament today. Which was cool! So many super-geeks, gathered into so small a place. And I got to extemporize at length about such classic characters as M.O.D.O.K. and Count Nefaria, while expressing my *extreme dislike* for Fantomex. (Operative X, I will note Fantomex was personally responsible for me losing one of the games.) I did really well, actually, but dropped out when I saw I wasn't going to make it into the finals and didn't have time to get into one of the side games. And thanks to three awesome people who drove my no-car-having ass around today, Iw as able to hit both this and...

Shadowrun: Still a bucket of cool and groovy. Despite me not eating first (whoops) and having to beg a ride home from a fellow player. And my character was even vaguely useful!

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