PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

CIA said to be in turmoil under Goss's new leadership.

So. Can Bush realistically deliver a conservative Supreme Court?

Maureen Dowd vs. Zell Miller. (Courtesy Howard Kurtz.)

* World Opinion Wrapup on Arafat's passing. Arafat's illness remains a mystery.
* Dan Froomkin on what's important about Gonzales's nomination, and more. Post editorial on the Gonzales pick.
* Brian Faler on Bush's thin mandate, and Falwell bringing back the Moral Majority.
* Howard Kurtz on Bush's mandate (or lack thereof,) why a Republican Congress is a problem for Bush, and more.
* BBC reports Bush's narrow win has left America as divided as ever.
* Ted Rall's confessions of a cultural elitist.
* And moderate Democrats form a group.
* Pennsylvania school district requires creationism taught in public schools.
* Good news on Elizabeth Edwards's biopsy.

Thanks to fears of the conservative FCC, some TV stations didn't show Saving Private Ryan. Thanks moral values!

Moore plans a sequel to Fahrenheit 9/11.

Hugh Grant to stop acting? (Insert joke here.)

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