PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

More from the reporter on the ground in Fallujah.
Also, the story of 150 Marines vs 1 sniper.
Thomas Friedman feels a sense of deja vu, and presents six questions.

Maureen Dowd on Gonzales, Fallujah, and other topics.

Great read: Frank Rich sees the blue states winning the culture war over moral values.

Boing Boing takes on the ACLU-creationist case. (Courtesy Iceman.)

Louisiana, you win again!

* Gonzales known for his loyalty to the President. Two excerpts from his writing.
* "Lupe Valdez is a woman, a Hispanic, a Democrat and a lesbian - and, come Jan. 1, she's entering the ranks of Texas good ol' boys. Valdez is becoming Sheriff Lupe."
* If you've got javascript enabled, check out this interactive map of Fallujah.
* Ashcroft's last act: "The Bush administration asked the Supreme Court on Tuesday to block the nation's only law allowing doctors to help terminally ill patients die more quickly."
* Looking at Ashcroft's mixed legacy.
* Liberal Christian groups challenge the concept of the values vote.
* Knew someone would say it sooner or later: were the voting machines hacked? See also reports at CBS and the Post.
* Two more from the CBS report on modern women in society:
- New mothers 'sequence' their way back to work.
- Seeking flexible time at work, to have more time with their families.
* Massive potential seen for gene therapy.
* NASA looks to a successor for the shuttle.
* Actors playing dead for CSI.

Mystery sub spotted off Japan.

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