PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Hey everyone, terror alert has been lowered to Yellow, so, uh, stop doing orange things and return to your yellow things. And now I have to unscrew the orange light bulb, and put in the yellow one.

Tonight: having people over for Buffy season premiere. I can't wait.

Last night: I had a crazy-ass dream, that was only more crazy-ass in retrospect. I don't usually dream/remember my dreams, so that only compounded it.

I also played some DAoC, but it was an exercise in frustration, trying to find a group that didn't break up in ten minutes or just sit waiting for whoever for ten minutes. Downtime = death. Unfortunately, I'm too high level to solo effectively. I *think.*

PvP has about a week to get funny again before I stop reading it. I'm pretty strict about online comics, and PvP hasn't been funny for a while now.

Not much commentary on the Emmys, other than to note how unpleased I am with the current trend in breaking down the awards into categories (Best Comedy and Best Drama, instead of Best Show.) It is really diluting the whole thing, while at the same time, shutting off shows that straddle the line. The Oscars angered me for the same reason; as soon as they created a Best Animated Film category, it shut out any animated film from winning Best Picture, effectively. And stuff.

Al Gore saying what a lot of us are thinking. Way to jump back in with both feet, Al.

"Criminal justice experts say they have become increasingly concerned that the Justice Department under Attorney General John Ashcroft is moving to exert political control over previously independent agencies within the department that collect crime statistics and grant crime research awards." -from the New York Times, courtesy of Howard Kurtz.

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