PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Heh. Guantanamo trials ruled unlawful. That was fast.
* Eric Engberg explains why bloggers aren't journalists.
* Urban warfare in Fallujah presents a tough challenge for the troops.
* Economy forces IT workers to travel to find work, as their unemployment rate tops overall jobless rate.
* CBS special report: sexual harassment of women still pervasive in the workplace.
* ACLU teams up with creationists.
* So, most people in DC don't want a publically-funded stadium. Who knew?
* World Opinion Wrapup shows that most people overseas aren't too confident in Bush's "mandate." (Bonus: LiveOnline transcript.)
* NASA studies autistic savant's brain.
* AOL to be split into four units.
* Moore's Fahrenheit and Gibson's Passion short-sheeted by Golden Globes on technicalities.

And finally...
'Actor Jim Belushi says his next-door neighbor, [former Catwoman] actress Julie Newmar, is spying on him, destroying his property and calling him names behind his back.'

[EDIT: New article added in comments, 2:59 pm EST.]

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