PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

William Saletan talks about how to start winning the red states: culture war and class war.

David Brooks also calls the 'values vote' a myth.

Mysterious deadly hospital infection spreads to Montreal.

* Maureen Dowd on Rove's revenge and social engineering.
* BBC columnist ponders how Bush could connect with so many voters.
* Turns out, the youth vote did increase this year.
* OK, turns out when we invaded Iraq, we didn't guard the stockpiles of antiaircraft missiles either.
* OMG burro shortage in Mexico! (Courtesy Operative X.)
* As lander approaches, Titan remains a mystery.
* The dichotomy of Pee-wee Herman.
* Guatelamalan prostitute soccer.

The trials and tribulations of the modern B-movie business.

Muppets get postage stamps next year.

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