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"President Bush isn't a conservative. He's a radical - the leader of a coalition that deeply dislikes America as it is. Part of that coalition wants to tear down the legacy of Franklin Roosevelt, eviscerating Social Security and, eventually, Medicare. Another part wants to break down the barriers between church and state. And thanks to a heavy turnout by evangelical Christians, Mr. Bush has four more years to advance that radical agenda."
-Paul Krugman

This Just In: Bush can't keep his campaign promises, mathematically.

Good read: Dick Meyer isn't buying the moral values hype.

DC coyote sightings confirmed.

* David Rees has encouraging words for Kerry voters.
* Winners and losers from the 2004 election.
* The Democrats lost more than just a Senate seat with Daschle's defeat.
* Democrats look ahead to an internal debate.
* Moral values: a decisive issue?
* Maureen Dowd on the Red Zone.
* Marc Fisher wonders when the grown-ups will be in charge of politics.
* Steve Hartman on an America divided.
* Red states skewer Dems' values.
* The world sees election results as dispiriting.

* BBC Q&A on what would come after Arafat's passing. Two successors have now been chosen. McCain sees it as an opportunity for peace.
* More evidence surrounding the Al Qaqaa explosives theft.
* Administration tries to block new scientific report on Arctic warming.
* Huh. The amazing Mars rovers keep going, even gaining unexpected power.

Hamilton College can be proud of their varsity streaking team champions.

Headline of the day: Top price for Havel's charity cow.

New resident of the White House: Miss Beazley.

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