PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, first up, movie day! Had the day off (as I worked last Saturday) and RQ checked out the movie listings, and found we could do a *double-feature*!

First up was of course The Incredibles which is pretty much the best superhero movie of the year, the best animated movie of the year, and probably one of the best movies of the year in general. Seriously, it's all that. Highly recommended, and looks astounding on the big screen.

After seeing one of the best of the year, though, we had to bookend that with one of the worst of the year. Thusly, we followed it up with Taxi. Because how could you go wrong with a Queen Latifah/Jimmy Fallon buddy cop movie! Oh, lordy, it was terrible. A couple funny parts, but not nearly enough to make it work. Coincidentally, not nearly enough Christian Kane either. Dorks who are more into cars might enjoy it more than me, and some of the chase scenes were pretty nifty. But, uh, yeah.

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